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SFA formed amongst the failure analysts of our country. It is heartening to note that efforts seeded during NCFA 2006 reached fruition now. This only meant that failure is only a delay and not a defeat. The patronage of the society from many stalwarts is likely to set the progress of the society in achieving its ambitions and goals-viz.- achieving safer and stipulated service life of components in various industries. It is nice to observe that society aims to conduct lecture series, annual meetings, workshops, and clinics on various aspects of failure analysis. The current effort to bring out a newsletter is a great step in building the society.

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Dr. P. Parmeshwaran
General Secretary-SFA
Scientific officer/H
Head, Physical Metallurgy Division
IGCAR, Kalpakkam
Kanchipuram Dist, TN – 603 102, India
Phone: 044-27480500-22473 (O); 044-27480202 (O); 044-27482168 (R); 09444536010 (M)

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